About Toms Cartoons

Toms Publications or Toms Cartoons is one of the most popular cartoon publications in Kerala. It is created by Cartoonist V. T. Thomas who was popular for his pen name Toms. He started Toms Publications in 1987 after retiring from Malayala Manorama in the same year.

He shot to fame with Boban & Molly, his popular cartoon characters who were based on two real life kids of his neighborhood with the same names. Though Boban and Molly first made their appearance in the cartoon column of Sathyadeepam, they slowly became more popular through Malayala Manorama. They were first published in 1957. He resigned from Manorama in 1987 and started Toms Publications.

Toms also created various other popular cartoon characters which include Vakkeel Pothen, Appy Hippy, Ittunnan, Unnikkuttan, and Kunchukuruppu, among others. In the 1980s to till date, they remain the most popular cartoon characters in Malayalam. All these characters typically represented the normal malayalee life and hence were well-received by the audience far and wide.

Toms Early Life and Career

Born to Vaadakkal Thoppil Kunjuthomman Kunjithomman and Sicily Thomas in 1929 at Kuttanad of Alappuzha district, Toms completed his graduation from SB College, Changanacherry. He joined the army as an electrician and left the job soon to devote his career completely for drawing cartoons. He worked with Sathyadeepam, Kalakaumudi and Malayala Manorama.

Wider Appreciation

The wits presented by Boban & Molly (Bobanum Moliyum in Malayalam) connected the normal daily life of an ordinary Malayalee (native of Kerala who speaks Malayalam). Thus they soon became very popular amidst everyone beyond age and gender barriers. The book remained one of the leading published books in Malayalam for many years till recent years.

At a time, when the internet era was yet to come and reading remained the major hobby of the people, both Boban & Molly had a larger impact. No man of 80s and 90s can forget about these two naughty kids who make everyone laugh with their wits.

The characters of Boban & Molly will remain forever and through them, Cartoonist Toms too will live in the hearts of people in Kerala. His impact will remain for many decades to come.